For over 40 years, Kingsbury Group have sponsored a number of sporting activities. We have gone to great lengths to support children and adults through our sponsorship and training programmes, having established teams in badminton, cricket and football. This is all achieved through the Kingsbury Sports Club, and gives children and adults alike the opportunity to hone their skills while having fun.


Annual 20/20 Client Cricket Games

Kingsbury are known for holding an annual 20/20 cricket match against our clients and consultants. This is a great opportunity to have some fun and relax while solidifying the tight relationship between ourselves and our clients. No matter what level of ability you have, it’s a safe and friendly environment for everyone to get involved and enjoy themselves.

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Kingsbury Events

Christmas Parties

It’s not just our sporting events that we’re known for. Every year we host a Christmas party where our clients and consultants are welcome to attend. It’s another great opportunity to see the fun side that Kingsbury Group has to offer and can help build some lifelong friendships. With events such as these, it’s no wonder that we’re still working with some of our original clients from decades back!


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