Kingsbury Fire Doors

Leading the way for the industry standard, we produce and install a selection of timber doors carefully crafted to deliver a mixture of excellent aesthetics and durable performance. These timber doors are fit for a wide range of applications.

Fire Doors

High Security and Fire Safe Doors

The Kingsbury Fire Doors offered by our range are among the few in the industry that offers excellent levels of fire safety and security. Our timber door products have been tested to rigorous standards, including FD30 and F60. Being a complete and comprehensive service, we’ll complete every step of the journey with you. Right from manufacturing to installation and even maintenance, we’ll ensure you get the full benefit of using our timber fire doors.

Fire rated Door

Versatile Design Timber Doors

While also providing an excellent level of performance, it’s essential to have a timber door that suits your property’s style. To ensure complete flexibility from our timber fire door range, we offer several designs and styles for you to choose from. Our contemporary collection is perfect for clients looking to achieve a sleek and modern design from their timber doors. Alternatively, we have a classic collection that is perfect for those looking for a traditional or period look from their property.

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