The Kingsbury group started back in 1972 with Kingsbury Construction Co Ltd, which quickly established our reputation within the construction industry. It has been going strong ever since and continues to support many UK construction projects with our excellent customer service.

Each of these subdivisions specialises in a particular area of the construction industry, to ensure an expert level of support. View our subdivisions below to find an expert service to support your projects and developments. Since then, we have expanded our services thoroughly with a number of our expert subdivisions.

Kingsbury Construction Company
With a wide range of experience across refurbishment and new build projects, the Kingsbury Construction Company is a passionate and knowledgeable service. With our dedication to customer satisfaction and our quality service, we’ll have what your project needs.
Kingsbury Builders Merchants
We strive to deliver the highest standard materials to builders across the UK. With decades of experience, we understand the trade's needs and requirements and ensure our cooperation to fulfil any project. Head to our Kingsbury Builders Merchants page for more information.
Kingsbury Developments
Started in 1988, Kingsbury developments is an expansion of our service range, providing support to developments. With over 33 years of experience in this field, our expert team will have the knowledge and skills to support any project. Head to our Kingsbury developments page for more information.
Kingsbury Maintenance Division
Formed in 2002, the Kingsbury Maintenance Division provides a top standard service and also caters to smaller projects. With a wealth of maintenance knowledge and years’ worth of experience, they can provide expert support. Head to our Kingsbury Maintenance Division page for more information.
Kingsbury Joinery
Manufacturing a selection of timber products for retail, new build and replacement housing construction sectors. With their unique design and high performance, we are one of the industry leaders when it comes to timber products. Head to our Kingsbury Joinery page for more information.
Kingsbury Fire Doors
Kingsbury Fire Doors We manufacture and install a range of industry leading fire doors that deliver an excellent safety performance level. Certified to PAS 24 : 2016, our fire doors are top standard when it comes to security. Head to our Kingsbury Fire Doors page for more information.

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