Kingsbury Construction Company Ltd

Providing the highest levels of service to the construction industry, Kingsbury Construction Company works closely with clients to deliver the very best refurbishment and new build projects.

Kingsbury Construction

Passionate, Committed Industry Experts

Our passion is our strength when it comes to delivering an industry leading level of service through the Kingsbury Construction Company. With our immense dedication to providing the highest quality, we ensure a great satisfaction level from our projects. We have a successful track record for securing repeat business, with past clients returning to use us time after time. We’ll cooperate completely with your project to complete a professional, quality project.

Kingsbury Construction

Experience Construction Specialists

Having been operating for over 49 years, Kingsbury has a uniquely expansive amount of industry knowledge in the construction sector. With all that experience, there’s virtually no problem we haven’t experienced and solved. When you partner with us, we’ll share all this expertise and focus it towards completing your own project. We understand the needs and requirements of all kinds of developments, ensuring we can work with you for an efficient and complete service.

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